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  • Founded by Dr.Jasper Lawler and his team help traders find from transparent profit optimization in a variety of markets.Form the outset,its goal was to provide a new genertion of trading platfrom,accessible with the least effort and dilivering the most optimal profit.

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  • Bachelor of science (Bsc),Finance and.
  • Enconomics - Lancaster University.
  • Market Analyst - CMC Markets.
  • Head of Research - London Capital Group.
  • Head of Research - FlowBank.


Our vision is seeing the strong development of the financial and technology wave without walls, not controlled by any individual or interest group.

We realize that huge cash flows are shifting from traditional finance to finance 4.0. Enterprises from many different fields are starting to have more access to Blockchain technology. Accept its operations, apply it in payments and allocate capital flows into technologies that can change the entire world financial landscape.

Facing the biggest opportunities of the past few decades, Bullspace was founded by advisors with many years of experience in the finance and multi-market fund management industry, including Dr. Jasper Lawer:

  • Doctor of Science, Finance, and Economics - Lancaster University.
  • Market data analyst - CMC Markets.
  • Head of Research - London Capital Group Financial Group.
  • Head of Research - FlowBank.

Bullspace was established:

  • To become the leading exchange in the race of the next generation of market makers.
  • Dominate 2-3% of total transactions on stock & Forex market within the next two years.
  • Fintech unit provides liquidity with outstanding speed for all individuals or financial institutions.
  • All financial transactions in Bullspace are absolute security.
  • Fund is separately managed and smartest allocated to bring maximum benefit to all individuals participating in the Bullspace ecosystem


01 Bullspace Smart Chain
02 New Gen Binary Exchange
03 AI Bull Auto Profit Maximization
04 Bullspace Profit Flow
05 Super Affilate & IB Program

Bullspace Smartchain

The idea of setting up BullSmart Chain is specially thanks to the following factors:

BullSmart Chain is an independent blockchain that provides security and safety to all users and developers.
BullSmart Chain is compatible with all interfaces and will support all the exiting tools of the cryptocurrency of the universe with faster and cheaper transactions.
Smart chain interactivity between two blockchains will enable chain communication and scale up for high-perfomance dApps that want a fast and smooth experience.
On-chain governance of Smart chain through the Proof-Of-Staked Authority consensus mechanism, combining 21 transaction confirmation units, will deliver decentralization and significantly increase community participation decisions.